We've a killer team at the helm

Nadeem Mohammed

Nadeem is a visionary,determined to change the way the world visualizes, learns and communicates by making Augmented and Virtual reality accessible. With experience in mobile, web and desktop applications, he leads and directs the brilliant team at Vear.

Suresh Rangarajan

Suresh is a seasoned veteran, spending over 15 years Directing some of the Asia's largest banks and financial institutions as well as founding Artha Property, a Power Brand that has exploded on to the Indian real estate market. Suresh will mentor and guide the team at Vear while strengthening the team's business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

Manoj Hari

Manoj expertly handles Vear's operations, creating a dynamic model to stay efficient through accelerated timelines and demanding deadlines.

Rayboy Nunez

Rayboy is a creative computer science professional with experience in designing intuitive consumer technology applications.

Meljoe Gonsalvez

Meljoe has a great eye for spotting talent and has constantly succeeded in finding amazing personnel with both mainstream and niche talents.

Mainak Sarkar

Mainak is an IIM alum with innovative and creative marketing acumen along with 4 years of market experience. He has stints with TCS and Mindtree as a retail consultant and have worked as a media planner in hospitality sector.

Ravikiran T.A

Ravi is a specialist in computer graphics and mobile development. He has worked on several games and apps across various augmented and virtual reality technology platforms. He is our coding ninja.

Rahul Rameshan

Rahul, a strong believer in writing beautiful code with his experience in IT and backend development, provides the nuts and bolts for our backend applications ,ensuring that our technologies are all up-to-date and secure.

Arul kumar

Arul, a meticulous backend developer, with strong experience in server scripting and database management who prefers coding to talking, is open to challenges and new, cutting-edge technologies.

Anoop M.V

Anoop, a pixel perfectionist illustrator is the core creative developer in team with excellent talent in developing 3D contents, ensuring that it’s at the forefront of everything that Vear delivers.

Ayman Khan

Ayman Khan, A valuable and integral part of the expert Unity 3D Development team, here at Vear. He has problem solving capabilities which can tackle any hurdles he faces. And, coupled with his knowledge and experience in Unity 3D, it makes him an invaluable asset as a core member of our development team, here at Vear.

Pavan Kumar

Pavan is Unity 3D developer, highly experienced in c# and unity engine. He's always open to take up new challenges and learn new technologies/ platform.