Poke A Mole

The word was out. PokemonGo was the craze. The buzz ran viral in the market. But Indians had to wait for the game. The ADK’s lifted and banned.

So what we thought was make a game on the similar lines and came up with the concept.

Launching India's first Augmented Reality Game. "Poke - A - Mole"

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Download the app and start scanning any featured images or objects near you to play the game. See it augment on newspapers, books, magazines, pamplets, bags, posters, pillows, desks and so on.... Have fun and get immersed in augmented reality in your real world.
The users started pouring in and got immersed in the game being augmented anywhere at a closest feature point near you.

Check the video of Brijesh Das who went ballistic playing and shared his experiences for the game Watch Video.
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