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Stay Ahead and Start Augmenting the Future.

Be the first player and integrate Vear Technology for your Business solutions and marketing campaigns. Get backend support and indulge more closely with your users and consumers. Take them on a new high and get them immersive with your specific messaging.

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Smartphones are the new Desktops

Recent surveys prove that the entire nation is going to be submerged by mobile technology and every business transaction online will be done on this platform. Join us and be part of the new wave of mobile technology. The Future is here and so is Vear.

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Welcome to the World of Vear

VEAR is an expertly engineered and path breaking platform for retailers to showcase their product offerings to the customers through Augmented and Virtual Advertising aided by AR/VR technology.

Travel & Tourism

With VEAR take anyone on a guided tour of your city, island or country from anywhere in the world and live and experience it, directly from your living rooms.

Print Media

Create custom solutions for our business and all your print media needs with VEAR and see how lively and effective print marketing can be.


Uncover the potential of mixed reality with VEAR to give test scenarios and designs, and experience products at its best.


With our easy to use SDK and powerful SDK, build your own customized VR applications in minutes.

Why Vear?


We care for you. Throw us your needs and requirements revolving your creatives and campaigns. We are good listeners and have an expertly engineered platform to solve most of your questions.

Campaign Analytics

With VEAR, analytics mean even more. The user will not only passively watch a flat screen, but she will be inside your computer generated world. Engage consumers in more meaningful ways with the immersive VEAR and significantly increase the amount of time the consumer interacts with the brand to dazzle audiences and place your brand in the forefront of technology.

Multiplatform Support

Engage with virtual reality right now, with the range of options that VEAR brings to you—from the pioneers like Oculus to your Smartphone which is achievable and inexpensive for you.

Content Delivery

Whether you want to create VR applications or experience virtual reality, VEAR provides a unique range of benefits and functions making it your go-to space.

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Download VEAR App

Vear app lets you try several Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality contents seemlessly using your smartphone. Google Cardboard mode will completly immerse you into a mixed reality. Try our app now. We are sure you will love it.

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